The newest member of the family is here. The feeling of holding your little one, is PRICELESS. These moments just cannot be captured anywhere, except your heart. You as a parent will always remember the first time you held your baby, their first potty, their first cry, their first bath, their first home coming, the first time they smiled & so on. The list is endless & of course priceless.

Amongst these first time memories also comes first diaper, first oiling, & other such first time use of baby grooming products. The BIG question, which product to use. Chicco or Himalaya, Pigeon or Johnson. Will Pampers suit my baby or Mamy Poko Pants or probably Huggies.

Every child is unique in some way or the other. So is the baby’s skin. You just cannot apply your daily body wash or your daily body lotion on your new born. Doesn’t mean they are harmful for newborn, but they are not recommended either. Your new born baby’s skin is very delicate. It needs products which are very mild or very gentle on their skin.

Nowadays all these known branded products are very much suitable for your new born. In fact these companies claim, that their product can be used on day one of your baby’s birth. They are very natural, free from harmful chemicals, which may harm babies delicate skin. All their products are clinically tested.

However all these factors stated above, does not mean any brand will suit your baby. Still you will have to test & see which product best suits your baby. It may very well be possible that the first brand you try, will suit your baby. But I have come across parents, where none of the products suit their baby. For such cases there are special doctor recommended brands(Sebamed on, which are of course very costly as compared to other brands, but are definitely worth when it comes to your baby’s care.

But where should you buy all this stuff from? Do you have to buy the complete range of all products so that you can try it on your baby. What about cost? Should you buy large packs of each item. What if it does not suit your baby. You cannot gift this to anyone. Nor you can use it yourself.

Buying complete range of all products is surely not feasible. Obviously considering the cost & the other factors what do you do with them. That’s where we come into picture. I will give you sample piece of every product. Don’t fall for online discounts & buy large packs. I will make sure you buy only what you want, & there is no waste or inconvenience when it comes to testing the suitability of the product.

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Testing Baby Products
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